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                                            Current News           last update  April 14, 09

                                                      TODAY'S FEATURE

                                                         "Ghosts Of Goldfield" 

                                                    WATCH    ------------->   HERE

                                       I am not looking for you to invest your money here. 

                                                          I just share my movies. 

                                                            Want FULL Screen?

                                         Easy. Just Right_Mouse_Click on the movie screen.

                                                              Choose Full Screen.

                                        Buffering the movies may take up to one minute.

                                               Depending on your connection speed.

                                        Don't be concerned with the percent jumping around.

                                                        It will be complete shortly.

                                         Uploading these titles take time when your hosting

                                      a site solo. Come back daily and check for new releases.

                                                 Don't forget that I do take requests......... 


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